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Capital Leasing

At Capital Leasing we understand that Machinery leasing is advantageous for individuals and businesses. We provide you with affordable asset financing for generators and security machinery. Enhance your security affordably with us.

Capital Leasing

Power Generators

Electricity is important for any business. One must ensure that they are always connected to power so as to ensure fluid business operations. In the event of power outages, a business loses a lot. At capital leasing, we allow you to insure yourself with a generator that guarantees smooth business operations with our leasing and asset financing plan. No need to worry about power outages any more.

Capital Leasing

Walk-in Security Cameras

Security is paramount. At capital leasing we enable small and large business owners, take security to a whole new level with walk in scanners that scan customers as they enter their premises. No more intrusion of privacy with handheld scanners. Get in touch with us and we’ll send your our pricing and leasing plans for walk in security scanners.