IT Equipment Leasing

At Capital Leasing we know that IT equipment is expensive and can sometimes go over the budget when buying equipment, that is why we are here to help you by giving you affordable leasing terms and hence work efficiently in your business.

Affordable leasing plans and asset financing models to propel your business to greater heights
Our staff is always willing to advise and challenge you to explore better ways of financing your business and save more.
Stay up to date
Top of the range and up to date computers that are fast and work for you efficiently with great finance plans.
No depreciation
Depreciation should not worry you anymore. Pay for what you get without worrying about depreciation or lower resale value.

Computers & Laptops

Capital Leasing helps you stay up to date with the latest computer hardware and worry less about the high cost of purchasing by providing you with a leasing platform that is cost effective for your business. It’s never been easier.


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Printing Equipment

Printing equipment can be expensive. We worry about that and make you feel comfortable by allowing you to lease our printing equipment at affordable pricing. Moreover, capital leasing also provides asset financing on bulk printing equipment.


Currency counters & Validators

Capital Leasing¬†understands the importance of currency counters to your business, so we’re offering our money counter financing program. We can provide currency counter financing assistance whether it is a straightforward money counter you need, or an advanced currency counter with counterfeit bill detection. We help you count your money and ensure its authenticity

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