Why use Capital Leasing

Capital leasing can help you unleash the potential of your business by enabling access to assets essential in the growth of your business with affordable lease and financing agreements.

With our full suite of financing solutions on assets we organize and provide hire purchase and leasing frameworks for capital goods to our business clients for a wide range of products in different fields. For example motor vehicles and equipment for businesses.


  • Relatively easy approach to funding.
  • As leasing is an operating expense, you can avoid depreciation on it.
  • Smart investments by channeling your money where it is needed
  • Get a fast complete solution on the go as/when needed.
  • Delivering the best solutions for capital projects

The next best thing

Avoid depreciation and control your vehicle operating costs. Get connected with us and choose from a wide range of commercial vehicles to find out what suits your business and get moving instantaneously. Save up and match payments to cash flow with our leasing framework


We’ve got you

Trying to keep up with yesterday’s competition requires the cost-effective deployment of capital assets. Capital Leasing helps you to do just that, by ensuring you get to work with up to date and state of the art machinery. You can also benefit from leases that match your order schedule and installment timetables based on usage. That gives you greater financial visibility and more room for manoeuvrability.



Stay ahead

We know that the costs of expanding your IT capabilities with new computer or printing equipment can be quite high, which is why we like to encourage you to lease that equipment as opposed to purchasing it outright. We offer flexibility, relevance to today’s technological trend and affordable pricing for computers,laptops,printing equipment and currency validators



Whatever your requirements – and whatever your budget – we’ll do our very best to help.

Quality Reliable Service at Affordable Prices

We value you
Reputation is everything and our work is quality.
Capital Leasing – CEO
Whatever your requirements and whatever your budget, we'll do our very best to help you and your company grow through asset financing.