Bespoke services

Not only does capital leasing offer products, but also capital services. Services essential for any lessor who’s willing to lease. Fleet management, sell and leaseback and financial advise is some of the essential services we offer.

Fleet management

Capital leasing is a leader with top of the range fleet management. We improve analytics on your fleet, improved fleet management with less hassle, reduction of labour and fuel costs with on demand reports when needed and also streamline maintenance to avoid out of the blue breakdowns.

With our fleet management solution we ultimately provide you with an opportunity to maximize on profits and drive up sales seamlessly.

Sell and leaseback

Sell and leaseback is an arrangement where the seller of an asset leases back the same asset from the purchaser.

The lease arrangement is made immediately after the sale of the asset with the amount of the payments and the time period specified. Essentially, the seller of the asset becomes the lessee and the purchaser becomes the lessor in this arrangement.

A leaseback arrangement is useful when companies need to untie the cash invested in an asset for other investments, but the asset is still needed in order to operate. Leaseback deals can also provide the seller with additional tax deductions. The lessor benefits in that they will receive stable payments for a specified period of time.

Financial advise

As with any business, capital leasing understands that for business to occur one has to have the technical know how or understanding needed to venture into business. With our skiled and dedicated staff, we ensure that our customers get quality financial advise be it in asset financing, leasing agreements on day to day business activities that require financing.

To learn more and get more insight, get in touch with us today and we’ll be happy to help you improve your business.